Dedicated Well-being Support


If you want to have ease and freedom in your body, if you want to be your best self for your friends and family, if you just want to spend your time feeling good…then one of these options can help you have that.

For ease and well-being.

Single Session Price

90 Minute Session

To live in a state of well-being.

Package Price

Purchased Individually $1,560

Single Sessions Monthly for 1 Year

Signs of Stress

There is a cost to coping.

Increased muscle tension, leading to headaches, pain and degeneration.

Trouble settling down & focusing.  Trouble being in “flow” with tasks.

Lack of energy.  Feelings of apathy and lethargy.

Feeling like you have to work constantly to keep your head above water.

So much energy gets spent in survival that unique, creative potential never gets to blossom.

Irritability and a lack of social grace.

Difficulty being present with and paying attention to those whom we care about.

A consistently upset tummy and trouble with digestion or elimination.

Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

Typical Client Results

More enjoyment of life.  Ability to notice and appreciate the small things.

Having a more peaceful connection to your body.

Feeling connected to a source of support.

A decrease in physical pain and discomfort.  Greater ease in daily activity.

Greater ability to influence the direction of our lives.

More enthusiasm and less fear in engaging in physical activity.

More light-hearted energy and attention for our loved ones.  Less irritability.

Restful sleep and easy digestion.

More rapid recovery from illness and injury.

To make the choice to support or enhance your well-being is itself a sign of well-being.


Sometimes we pursue care in a more hap-hazard, as needed basis, putting out fires as they arise.

But there is a cost to coping.  The unremitting activation of the stress response can leave you with headaches, an upset stomach, tension and physical discomfort, decreased immune function, disturbed sleep, the feeling of having to work constantly to keep your head above water, a heightened sensitivity to pain, irritability and lack of social grace, an inability to focus…

…and, what’s worse, you never get to fully utilize your signature strengths.

People often set an intention to get regular care, because they can see the difference that it makes for them, but they get derailed in following through with that intention because of the way life has of getting filled up.

"I didn't even realize I was tense. I feel so much better now!"

Moving beyond coping, to strength and vitality.

Regular care is part of a declaration to turn away from a lifestyle of coping, where things are beyond our control, and instead live deliberately on a path of greater joy and vitality.

It forms a solid cornerstone of your support system that allows you to reach toward living in a place of optimism, enthusiasm, energy, compassion, awareness, strength…this is well-being.

If you have pain that is keeping you from enjoying your activities right now, and it’s important that this pain gets resolved quickly, then this may be a better option for you.

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