We’re not just returning to where we started.

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Sometimes it seems like an awful waste of energy to have to heal.  We might start to resent the ways in which we weren’t born whole.  Or resent ourselves for the damage we’ve done.


Or resent our environment, including some of the people around us, for the damage they’ve done, not only to ourselves, but to others.  Damage that requires us or others to expend a lot of energy in the healing process.


There might be a feeling that we’re doing all that we’re doing to heal, in order to simply return to a starting place that we were at before all the bad stuff  happened.


There can also be a sense that once something is broken, it will never be as good as it once was.


At least, these are some of the feelings and ideas I’ve noticed in myself.


But I wonder?


I know that the healing process is a process of profound growth and transformation.  There is knowledge and wisdom and awareness that comes to us as we go through that process.  Gaining those qualities will change us completely…and for the better.


I suspect that our own transformation, transforms the world.  That our own healing, somehow heals the world.


Why do I think that?


Being a nature lover, I often look to the natural world for guidance.  When we look at a landscape, any landscape, there is nothing that we can see that hasn’t been through millennia of transformation.  The cirque of an alpine lake was carved into layers of stone.  The stone itself was lifted and tilted by some agent of change.  Then it was weathered and eaten away by repetitions of the movement of water, ice, wind.


The landscape has become more beautiful in the process of transformation.


Do we become more beautiful in the process of our transformation?  


Does the uplift and subsequent erosion through all of the freeze and thaw cycles slowly sculpt us into a profound masterpiece?


I think it does.


And in the process I think we learn to see more, feel more, connect more and recognize and cherish all the beauty that we have become kin to.



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