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Consistency of care has a more profound effect on our well being.  I’ve set up options for you to receive consistent care that honors where you are with your current health journey.

When you have pain or some restriction you need more intensive, (meaning more frequent) help to change that situation and get out of pain.  Once that is achieved, then you need consistent help to stay out of pain while regaining all the activities that were limited or stopped.

Once you can do the activities that had been aggravating to you, and do them with as much gusto and duration as you want or as fits with any other limiting factors you have, then you can transition to infrequent care that helps you treat early signs of limitation or renews your well-being and vitality.

  • I'm always skeptical when meeting new therapists. Mostly I'm wondering if my desires and the therapist's approach will be a good fit. Roselie discussed my questions and concerns with me and explained much of her philosophy and approach to me until I was comfortable. She was very patient. Her work on me was as she described and she removed my skepticism within a few minutes of starting my bodywork. She put me at ease both mentally and physically. I would highly recommend trying several sessions with Roselie. I think that we all expect that massage will be therapeutic for our bodies. I think Roselie has genuine skills, abilities, and even gifts that enable her to promote healing. Her healing touch was much more direct, more cause-and-effect than any other massage therapist I have seen.

    Michael C.
    Michael C. Water Therapist - hydroelectric consulting engineer
The “Ultimate Success” option is for people that are experiencing limiting pain or restriction that is making activities you really want to do unavailable to you.

A lot of these types of situations respond well to more frequent sessions, where changes can build on previous changes…but not so frequent that you don’t have time to get used to the changes, try new movements, and see what can be integrated into your life.  To resolve an ongoing or recurring pain situation some educational elements are usually necessary for long-term effectiveness.

Ultimate Success

4 sessions a month plus email support gives you steady, solid help with getting out of pain, reducing stress and making feeling good a way of life.

  • I strongly recommend working with Rosalie because the results are life changing. Her brilliant mind, encyclopedic knowledge of tissue and anatomy, and One Health philosophy combine to make a winning therapy. She encourages one to be a partner in treatment, and to learn more about our bodies.

    John Parent Father and Musician

The Platinum Wellness option has several uses.  If you are struggling with a situation that feels more like it’s related to ongoing stress or anxiety, or possibly something that could be helped by developing a stronger relationship with your body…these are situations where fairly frequent support with longer integration periods over a longer period of time can lead to slow, deep change.

You may also be having some aches and pains, but not to the extent that you’re feeling like it’s keeping you from doing what you want to do, but you still want to make some positive progress with it.

This is also the next step after Ultimate Success.  At this stage we focus more  on maintaining a pain free body while building up the duration and intensity of the formerly aggravating activities.  This is a very important stage for not just getting out of pain, but staying out of pain.

The next stage on the journey, which is supported by both Premium and Platinum Wellness, does not emphasize any one body region or specific problem, but instead focuses on enhanced well-being for life.  If there are no further “big projects” then we can transition into working with what is interesting or problematic in the moment, or with enhancing our base-line. So that rather than gradually diving into a state of greater stiffness and achy-ness (and often not noticing it) we are growing in our freedom, ease and relationship with our body and its ability to do things.  This stage is a long-term commitment to ourselves and our well-being and as such it is best offered as an indefinite subscription of monthly work (since once a month is, to me, a minimum for consistent care).


These offers are to help you regain or maintain your optimum wellness:

Platinum Wellness

2 sessions a month, subscription, discount applied if prepaid for 6 months  We all tend to underestimate the amount of care we need.  I want you to get all the goodness you can handle.  I know it will make a positive impact on your life and on those around you.

Premium Wellness

1 session a month, subscription, discount applied if prepaid annually   This is truly a wellness for life option.  The chance to press the reset button once a month and continue to shine.

For some people even once a month care may seem unnecessary or hard to manage at certain busy stages of life (though it would probably be especially helpful during those stages).  Seasonal Wellness is intended to give someone a touchstone of renewal and a reminder of well being so they don’t forget or get too far away from feeling good.

Seasonal Wellness

1 session per quarter, annual package  Wouldn’t it be great to get a reminder every solstice and equinox (every quarter) that it was time for you to come in and receive a quarterly massage?  What a nice thing to do for your future self!

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Single Sessions:

You and I both know it’s going to take more than one session to get you to where you want to be.  Health is a life long process.  But I trust that sometimes you have reasons why this might feel like the best option for you.

Single Session $150

  • I went to Roselie because several muscles in my arm had locked up in a way that was restricting my arm and shoulder movement considerably. Nothing I tried myself seemed to help. In three sessions, Roselie identified the source of the problem (a nerve plexus in my shoulder) and released it enough that I was able to do the rest myself at home, using gentle stretches that she taught me. Roselie has an incredible quality to her touch. It's as if her fingers are communicating directly with my body, listening to what it says, and gently showing it how to heal. I've had body work with other practitioners, and rarely have I felt I could relax and let go so deeply. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.

    Lia Ayley
    Lia Ayley Hypnotherapist, liaayley.com

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