Small Wellness Projects

Care for Your Body and Spirit

What’s a smaller wellness project?  It’s something that’s cropped up recently that you could use some care around and some support in navigating.  

It could be having a significant effect on your life and activity at the moment, but it’s either a new experience for you, or it’s a part of something larger and more ongoing that you’ve already handled and have a good relationship with.

More Care, Not Less

Small wellness projects actually tend to be the sort of thing that motivates a person to go and get a single massage, yet they could really use a bit more care than a single session offers. 

There’s a tendency to think in terms of doing the minimum to get a workable result.  I get that.  Life is full, and there are a lot of potential areas we could direct our resources toward.  But what if we allowed ourselves more care?  That would help put more distance between the lived experience we desire, and this unpleasantness that has cropped up.

Personally, I think there isn’t much that is as important as your health. 

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How does it work?

You’ll receive three 90-minute massage sessions with an expiration date of 4 months.  The expiration is to keep your care consistent, because we will either be working with your specific physical project, or we will be providing you with a period of regularly occurring wellness support.

In addition to the sessions themselves I’ll send you some forms to fill out so we can capture what it is you’re struggling with, what you’ve been trying that’s working for you and what your goals are.  

I’ll likely come up with some extra resources that I think will help you.  I might email you with questions or ask for updates, and I encourage you to email me with questions or to share any thing that comes up.

The cost for these 3 sessions plus the extra support is $345.

If you would prefer to just have one session for a physical concern, and then wait until you have another physical concern crop up before scheduling your next session, then what you’re looking for are Single Sessions available on my Work With Me page.

If you’re not sure what applies to you, just ask yourself, “Can I commit to coming in every 6 weeks or less?”  If the answer is “no” then what you want are Single Sessions.


Purchase the 3 Session Package

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