My goal in having this blog is to help people feel less worried about their bodies, and to spend more time feeling at ease and able to bring their best selves forward into a world that needs them.

I will freely give you my best advice for living with less pain and more ease and joy.

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  • I so look forward to Roselie's latest writing. She offers practical, subtle, and startling truths about how to live a life of health and beauty in this very body, mind, and world. Roselie generously shares what she knows, and reminds us that ease and gratitude are always right around the corner.

    George Draffan
  • I appreciate the genuine self that you reveal in your writing - sharing from a place of human vulnerability and groundedness rather than preaching, you invite us gently into your insights about the body and mind.

    C. Austin
  • What I enjoy about your writing is that you give us things to ponder as well as things we can do to experiment with an idea, exercise or technique.

    Nels R.
  • I like that Roselie's articles are not too long -- a good length to read in 5 min or so.  Another thing I like is her personal tone, as if she is talking to someone like herself who tries to figure things out.

    Sylvia Stauffer
  • I like the general brevity of the articles, also the uncomplicated explanations offered.

    T. Pi

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