Eliminate shoulder pain and keep it from coming back.

In a natural way that’s kind to you and your body.

Frustrated and confused by the effort you’re putting in and the mediocre results you’re getting?


Discover how to rid yourself of distracting and worrisome pain and achieve strong shoulders that can do what you need them to do for years to come.


I understand you’ve already been putting in effort to fix this problem and you’re wondering how this is going to be any different than what you’ve been doing.


That’s understandable.


What’s the Biggest, Most Ubiquitous Mistake that Active People with Shoulder Pain Make, that Causes them to Waste Time and Money and Keeps Them in a Frustrating Cycle of Re-injury?


There are a lot of useful things we can do for our shoulders that give us some positive results.  Like various types of manual therapy, various approaches to therapeutic exercise and various attempts at strengthening the area.


What’s often missing from those approaches is the addition of Mindfulness.  What this means is that, rather than going through a motion mechanically, like our body was a machine that needed maintenance–we use each and every exercise to develop our own self-sensing ability.  As our rapport with our own body increases you and your body can begin to work together, instead of at cross purposes with each other.


We’ll also focus on gaining some perspective on what the shoulder pain is working so hard to tell you, and what its real role is.


Finally we’ll begin to build resilience in your shoulders using your favorite sport or most meaningful activity as a template.  So that you’re able to do that activity better than before and with real longevity.

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