1 session a month, subscription, discount applied if prepaid annually   This is truly a wellness for life option.  The chance to press the reset button once a month and continue to shine.

A once a month massage is natural stress relief and a way to be proactive in supporting your optimal health.  It gives you the chance to reboot and set a baseline expectation for how you want to feel that’s really positive and vibrant.

Without regular care our baseline expectation can drift until we’re feeling mildly uncomfortable all the time and not noticing it.

"I didn't even realize I was tense. I feel so much better now!"

We have to be continual reminded of our aspirations, otherwise we can become distracted and loose sight of them.  That’s why all the great religious and spiritual traditions of the world advocate regular practice and have communities that support the individual to stay with that practice.

It can be be very hard to consistently follow through, even with our best intentions.  That’s why we need help.

  • I signed up for the annual massage package, because I knew this would help me be serious about my very much needed self-care. This way, I had to commit myself to get a massage every month and not find reasons to be too busy to go.  It's also cheaper to buy an annual package!

    This is money well spent! It's a huge relief to have such a beautiful structure for my self-care every single month.

    Corina Sahlin
    Corina Sahlin Marblemount Homestead
Why should you do this for yourself when there are other things for you to do with your time and money?

Maybe you have children or other dependent family members who need you.  This may look like a reason not to be “self-indulgent” and get superfluous “pampering”, (where did we get the idea that taking care of ourselves is self-indulgent?), but in fact when other people need you, you have more of an obligation to ensure that you have the ability to care for them.  To care for others well we need nourishment ourselves.

What nourishes you?  We don’t have the ability to deny our own need for nourishment with any kind of long term effectiveness.  For example; we can indeed, go without eating for awhile so that others could have our food, or go without sleeping, but eventually we would no longer be able to function.  Far from being of service to others we would become a burden to them.


Premium Wellness

Once a month renewal


  • Setting up a structure for your care, to make it easier to follow through.
  • You’re always going to need some support with your health and well being… wouldn’t it be great if you had the support you need?
  • Receiving care regularly makes life richer and helps us to feel more whole.

Who is this Support for?

This is for everyone I’ve ever heard say, “I feel sooo much better…I really should come in more often.” and who nevertheless let months go by without receiving any care.

This is for everyone who really loves themselves and sees the value in feeling good and feeling supported…but could use some help in making sure the Important happens as their life inevitably gets filled up with the Urgent.

Take a Stand for Your Health.

There are other things you can spend money on that may contribute more directly to your bottom line.  You can buy a college education or some business coaching and maybe see a tangible return on your investment.  When you spend money on your well being it seems like it’s just gone. But where does the money you make really come from?  It comes out of your life force, your energy, your qi, and how you channel that vitality through your talents.  So, caring for yourself may not augment your bottom line, you may not see an effect on your earning potential or your profit and loss statement, but it supports the part of you that all of that comes out of.  Without your vitality there is nothing to trade for money.

It goes deeper than that too of course, because your vitality, your energy is what you need to have in order to support what you love.  Your family, your work, your community…whatever beautiful thing that you believe in and believe is worthwhile.

I want you to have that vitality so that you can support the beauty you believe in.

Going from pain to no pain is just one threshold on the journey.

Receiving care helps you set a positive baseline.  If you become used to feeling really good you’ll notice right away if you start not feeling really good…and you’ll take steps to get back to that good place.  If you become used to feeling lousy, or ho-hum…you’ll start to think it’s normal!

It’s like you’ve got precious jewels inside you. When you see them there you feel wealthy, and it feels really good to feel wealthy.  But there is a tendency to get distracted and forget that they’re there, so we can end up feeling impoverished and like there just isn’t enough…of us, or of anything.  It helps us to connect often with what’s ideal and beautiful so we don’t forget it.  That act of reconnection with that inner wealth is a celebration for the act of living.

Here’s what you get:

Premium Wellness:

1 one-on-one, 90 minute session each month

We’ll have a brief check in about what’s coming up for you this month , and then do manual therapy treatment, to ease what aches and refresh your spirit.

Email Support

If you need help or guidance with anything we discuss in a session you don’t have to wait until your next appointment.  Just ask and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Once a month reminder

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a once a month notification that it’s time to bliss out?

Access to a Peaceful Environment

You’re welcome to take time to sit by the river or walk down the Whitehorse Trail before you drive home.

If this is going to support you, nourish you, to help you be the person you want to be…why not do it?  Sometimes it’s hard to change something, to commit to something. What if you made the decision to definitely show up for yourself in this way and help yourself become someone with the resources to not just “get by”, but to really shine your beauty on the world?

Whether this is the right step or not, what if right now you took one step, regardless of the fear and reservations you might have, in the direction of becoming who you can be…regardless of what the story says about who you are?

Start Premium Wellness as a monthly subscription: $90 per month

(A savings of $60 every month over the single session price.  There is a three month minimum.)

Prepay now for a year of Premium Wellness and receive a 10% discount: $972.

A Note on Decision Making.

It’s easier to think through and make a solid decision once than it is to have to make the decision over and over and to have to think it through each time.  That’s why I designed my business this way. So you can think it through and make one solid decision in support of your health and well being.  I’d like to set you up with a supportive default action rather than an unsupportive one.

If you feel like you need time to think about it or talk about it with someone.  That’s no problem. I encourage you to do that so you can feel more solid when you do make you’re decision.

But if you feel like this is right for you and you feel that this is important, I really encourage you to make the decision right now and start.  If you wait for some absolutely perfect time it’ll probably never happen.

If you feel like this is what you need, but you’re not quite sure, please ask me.  I’ll help you get the clarity you need…whether it’s Yes or No.

Some things you’re probably wondering about:


I want your to receive every session that you’ve paid for so I only offer a limited number of each subscription and package.  That said, if you have limitations in your schedule its best to book a few sessions into the future to make sure that you can get the time you want.  If you have limited availability and are not able to schedule more than a few days into the future this may not be the right choice for you.

My session times are:

  • Tuesday at 9 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm
  • Thursday at 11 am, 2  pm and 4 pm
  • Friday at 9 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm

There’s a little flexibility with the last session and we can start as late as 4:30 pm if you need to.

How to Schedule:

You can schedule via my online calendar.  You can call me.  You can schedule at the time of your session. You can also email or text me.  Once I email or text you to confirm then the  appointment is scheduled.

You can schedule from 24 hours to 2 months before your appointment.

Same day scheduling almost never works.

I encourage you to schedule more than one appointment out to ensure continuity with your care.


How do you reschedule or change an appointment?

You can reschedule your appointment through any of the means you use to schedule appointments.

For any appointment rescheduled or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice

there is a rescheduling surcharge of $40.

If you are rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice you must call or text me with that information to avoid having the appointment considered a “no-show” and thus forfeiting the entire appointment.  A late rescheduling charge is better than a forfeit appointment.  (I see calls and texts faster than I see the calendar and email.  Also, because it is a rural area our internet can sometimes go out for 24 hours or more.)

How long do you get to schedule your appointment and what happens if you don’t get around to it?

I understand it can be difficult to make the time for your care.  I need to assume that you’re really committed to making a change and that you’re going to make time for it.  A lot of delays in treatment aren’t going to get you to the goal you want.  So please schedule early, schedule multiple appointments out, and guard the time from all the urgent things that want your attention.

All of the programs have a recommended interval: once a month, once a week, twice a week, etc.

That’s intended as a guideline. It doesn’t have to be exactly, precisely a one month or one week interval.

If once in awhile you need a little extra slack, your appointments can roll over for one month.  For example, if you enroll on June 11th you normally get until July 11th to use your appointments…but if you didn’t use all your appointments in that time, the unused one(s) will roll over to the next month.  If they’re not used by August 11th they’ll just expire, evaporate, be gone, gone, gone.


How do you pay?

You can pay with a credit/debit card when you receive your invoice or through the scheduling site 24 hours or more before you’re appointment.  You can also pay in person at your first appointment via cash or check.  Don’t mail a check, I don’t want your treatment to be delayed because of mail delivery.

When do you pay?

Payment is due at or before you’re first session.

Recurring Payment: For the monthly wellness programs: Platinum Wellness and Premium Wellness.

Unless the program is prepaid, payment will be processed on a monthly basis from your date of initial enrollment in the program.

The simplest way to do this is to set it up as an automatic payment on the online scheduling page.  You can also bring cash or a check with you to your appointment if you prefer or set up an automatic payment with your bank.

There is a three month minimum commitment for either of the monthly wellness programs.

What if you want to upgrade?

You can start with a single session and decide to upgrade to something more robust within 1 week of that session.  Then I’ll apply the difference between the single session price and the package price to whatever program we decide fits you and you can pay the remainder before we continue work.

If you need to upgrade or downgrade your program, we’ll have a look at what you’ve paid, what you’ve received and do the math to come up with something sensible.


No Shows and Refunds

If you don’t show up for a scheduled appointment for any reason that appointment is gone.  There is no refund and no rescheduling.

It still counted as one of your appointments.  I was still there and my time booked up waiting to support you.

If you request a refund within 30 days of making a payment lets talk about it and work that out.  I can’t think through every possible scenario of how that might look, but I intend to work it out to your satisfaction.

If you request a refund after 30 days from the time of making a payment, I will suggest an alternate solution.  I need some dependability and safety to be able to show up for people and be my best.

I don’t want to take money for nothing though, so some possible solutions are to ask you to gift whatever you’ve paid for to someone else.

You can also “pay it forward”.  That means that I’ll keep those sessions on the books and when someone comes along who can really benefit from them, but would be taking on financial hardship by paying for them, I will give them those sessions.

The Place

I have a home practice.  There’s a sign out at the road to help you find the place.  There is a bathroom you can use.  It’s a peaceful setting and you’re welcome to take a little personal time for yourself before jumping back in your car.

I don’t have a waiting room though.  So it’s best to show up no more than 5 minutes before your appointment to give me time between sessions (because I feel weird about ignoring people). That also means that if someone drives you to your appointment they won’t really have a place to hang out either.  They could go for a walk on the Whitehorse trail if the weathers nice.

Questions about Wellness Packages?
Do you feel like this could be a fit for you, but you'd like to talk a bit more? Please answer the questions below and send them in.
For example: sleep, achy-ness, mood, enthusiasm, anxiety. Please tell me a bit about what's going on.
For example: receiving massage and bodywork, feeling cared for by your family and friends, being able to take time for yourself on a regular basis.
For example: having more energy, being more patient with my children, sleeping better, not being as tense and achy.

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