2 sessions a month

To make positive progress toward your activity goals, and to have the resources to bring your best to every day.

There are two options for purchasing twice monthly care.

The first option is to purchase it as a subscription so you’re payment and renewal are automatic.  A good option if you plan on doing this for a few months and you’d rather not have to remember to pay your invoice each month.

The second option is to pay for one month at a time.  A good option if you just want to try it out for a month, or if the first option feels uncomfortable to you for any reason.

Either option gives you access to online scheduling, appointment reminders and email support.

Purchase Platinum Wellness as a Subscription: $180 per month

(a savings of $120 per month over the single session price!)

Pay for 1 month of Platinum Wellness: $180

(a savings of $120 over the single session price)

A Note on Decision Making.

It’s easier to think through and make a solid decision once than it is to have to make the decision over and over and to have to think it through each time.  That’s why I designed my business this way. So you can think it through and make one solid decision in support of your health and well being that will get you all the way from where you are now to living pain free and feeling good.  I’d like to set you up with a supportive default action rather than an unsupportive one.

If you feel like you need time to think about it or talk about it with someone.  That’s no problem. I encourage you to do that so you can feel more solid when you do make you’re decision.

But if you feel like this is right for you and you feel that this is important, I really encourage you to make the decision right now and start.  If you wait for some absolutely perfect time it’ll probably never happen.

If you feel like this is what you need, but you’re not quite sure, please ask me.  I’ll help you get the clarity you need…whether it’s Yes or No.

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