I can best support particular kinds of situations.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • The activities that you’ve done for a long time have started causing you pain.  Even when you’ve only been at them for a short time.  This happens several times a week.  You’re taking a lot more breaks or putting off doing things that used to be no trouble.
  • You struggle to be consistent with receiving care.  You can see that when you feel good it has a big impact on your family, and on other areas of your life, but there are so many demands and things asking for your attention its easy to forget or get distracted until you’re already feeling achy and stressed out.
  • You’ve already done stuff to solve this problem.  You’ve probably been to a PT, or chiropractor or gotten a massage, or got some exercise advice from YouTube and in general you’re trying to move more.  Or maybe you brought it to your spiritual or meditation practice. You might have talked with your General Practitioner.
  • Maybe you “just” want to feel good?  You don’t have to be in pain to receive care.  Why not set yourself up with care as a way of life, that actually prevents pain and helps you stay nourished?

These are the kinds of people I work really well with:

People with independent lifestyles and a bit of land to take care of who want to be able to enjoy that lifestyle, without their chores becoming a burden.

Older people navigating the transition to a less active lifestyle, but wanting to maintain their independence.

Backpackers, gardeners and community volunteers that need to be pain free and mobile to do the activities they care about.

Plus, we’ll have the most success if we share these values:

  • You’re curious and like to understand things rather than taking someones word for it.
  • You’d rather be outside. In general you like to move.
  • You’re interested in your health and you’ve attempted to take care of yourself over the years.
  • You want to be of service and contribute to the beauty and the good…and enjoy your life while your at it.
  • I was afraid of not being able to keep up activities, such as swimming, playing the violin, gardening, and using the computer, and I was afraid to start new activities, because of the recurring, on-and-off pain in my left arm and back.

    I was originally skeptical about if massage might really help or not with something I'd been dealing with off and on for years.

    Since we started working together I feel that my left arm will be ok.  I have a new way of understanding how fear of pain causes more pain.

    I've been able to resume regular swimming, violin playing, gardening - I’ve been going slow, taking it easy, for limited time periods, but I keep doing it.

    I was able to start kayaking, and even keep paddling thru several hours of a class, feeling better about it as the day went on, AND the next day, no new aches and pains. It’s a big relief now that I see I can do this new retirement hobby with my family.

    Also, if I feel the pains starting up, or feel it at night, I can relax and not worry and it fades.  I feel more confident in all areas of life.

    Roselie has a very gentle manner and senses how best to help people.

    I was surprised when after 3 sessions she said that I'd probably be fine to resume all activities soon.  More sessions were an option but the problem wasn't that bad- she could see the improvement, and so did I. I'm continuing sessions for now as a health maintenance program, like exercise, etc.

    I also appreciate her health info articles and how she gave me specific info on how to look at pain overall.

If this sounds like you…

Then I feel confident we can work together to help you live pain free, with increased resilience and vitality.

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