What makes the work I do effective.

My approach has evolved over many years.  It is based in education, observation and empathy, and three primary principles have emerged:


Supports us in moving consistently toward our aspirations.

Often we’re left to decide what we need to do, when we don’t know what it is we need to do.  Being clear on our aspiration and having a structure that supports us reaching that aspiration is key.


Touch, rapport, collaboration with a living body.  Interaction brings movement and change.

Often the body is treated mechanically, like sculpting clay, which produces only short term change.


Of both:  Science & Spirituality, Education & Action, Body & Mind.  These are often treated as separate realms.  But where one hits a wall, the other has a path forward.

  • I'm always skeptical when meeting new therapists. Mostly I'm wondering if my desires and the therapist's approach will be a good fit. Roselie discussed my questions and concerns with me and explained much of her philosophy and approach to me until I was comfortable. She was very patient. Her work on me was as she described and she removed my skepticism within a few minutes of starting my bodywork. She put me at ease both mentally and physically. I would highly recommend trying several sessions with Roselie. I think that we all expect that massage will be therapeutic for our bodies. I think Roselie has genuine skills, abilities, and even gifts that enable her to promote healing. Her healing touch was much more direct, more cause-and-effect than any other massage therapist I have seen.

    Michael C.
    Michael C. Water Therapist - hydroelectric consulting engineer

How I Work:

In our first session:

♥I’ll start by asking you about your health history and what your current situation is like.  We’ll talk about your physical concerns and your primary goals for your sessions.

♥We’ll do some movement assessments to get a better idea of what’s going on in your body. 

♥Then we’ll switch to hands on work on the massage table.  This is usually done with the recipient undressed, though covered by the sheet and blanket with only the area currently being worked with uncovered. If leaving any or all articles of clothing on makes you feel safer or more comfortable then that is a good way to start.  You can always try it the other way in a future session once we’ve established trust. If you do want to work clothed then please wear soft clothes without a lot of seams or buttons.


The style of hands on work I do has been described by clients as gentle, intuitive, loving and detailed or precise.  I don’t really think of it as intuitive, I’m just paying attention to what’s there. I think of it as interactive and conversational (not verbally).  The bodymind readily takes part in the conversation, it just requires a receptive state, which I think of as “listening”.


The work itself is both superficial and deep in a physical sense of the words.  The superficial parts of our bodies are very important, being rich with nerve endings, and as the part of us that is in constant connection with the environments that we are living in.


I don’t do rough or aggressive work.  Sometimes that style of touch is considered to be deeper, but it merely elicits stronger sensations.  The body is receptive to what feels good and is resistant to what feels bad.  It’s that simple.  Work that is kind to the body and feels safe will be allowed in by the nervous system.  We won’t get anywhere by trying to work against the body.

If you’d like to know more about what it would look like to work together go Here.

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