What I believe:

Every healing journey has multiple stages.  We’re bound to go through those stages multiple times throughout our lifetimes as we experience pain and recover from it.

It’s normal to experience pain…and it’s normal to recover from it.

We have a human need to receive care.  When we honor that need we can thrive better and contribute more beauty to the world.

The amount of care we need will vary based on which stage of the healing journey we’re in.  If we’re in pain or our desired activities have become unavailable to us or if there are a lot of challenges coming from our environment, then we need more frequent care to overcome these obstacles and return to greater ease and vitality.

If we are feeling healthy and robust then we may just need an occasional affirmation of goodness.

It can be very challenging to receive care, even after you’ve identified that there is a need for it.  There are a variety of reasons for this:

  • There is a lack of appreciation for our human need for nourishment.
  • You can feel guilty about getting support, because we live in a world where lots of people don’t get the support they need.  Massage particularly is often considered luxurious and self-indulgent.
  • Our lives are often very full.  All those things and people that need your resources and attention can feel very urgent and this can make it hard to take time to care for yourself.

Having a structure that you can lean into can help support you in receiving care.  One of the stumbling blocks for a lot of people with good intentions is in not having a structure that makes the desired action likely to happen.  Like having a buddy to go to the gym with, or setting daily reminders for yourself.

Living without fear of pain, receiving the care needed to thrive and having the support to make it happen will move you toward more joyful, pain-free activity.

Learn more about what I’ve got set up to support you Here.
  • There has been healing beyond my hope. I have increased range of motion and strength.  So many of my daily activities that I thought were no longer possible have been resumed.  I had been advised by an othopedic surgeon to forsake rototilling and chain sawing— now I can do both again.  Roselie educates clients in awareness so one can gauge situations and make informed choices about activities.  Of course, this adds significantly to a positive attitude about the future.  I feel like I’ve regained so much of my life!

    John Parent Father and Musician
A good massage will get you back into relationship with your body.
It will teach you something about your physical self, and maybe about your spirit.
It will decrease pain coming from muscles and it can decrease other pain in a secondary manner by changing the alignment of joints or relieving pressure on nerves.
It is like starting to breathe again after you’ve been holding your breath without knowing it.
It is receiving care from someone and caring for yourself, which can feel very nourishing and help you be better equipped to care for others.


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