What I believe:

Periodic pain and injury are normal parts of life.  Everything we experience changes us, but it doesn’t need to lead us into perpetual suffering.

The body is alive and takes part in its own healing.  It appreciates being listened to and handled with sensitivity.  Long-term change is only possible through collaboration with the body.

All healing is change and all change, no matter how small, changes us on all levels, because the body and mind are one and the same.  They are expressions of each other. We can’t change one without changing the other.

Pain affects us deeply.  In the beginning it simply makes us lean away from doing things that we would’ve done.  It demotivates us. In the end it narrows our entire human experience of the beauty in the world and the joy of our connections to one tiny point of focus.

The world needs the unique beauty that each person can manifest.  Diversity creates greater beauty and resilience.

Movement is synonymous with life.  To become inert is to become no longer alive.  So in that way change is life promoting, but I also mean this in a very material way.  Movement nourishes all of the bodies tissues. It feels good too.

  • There has been healing beyond my hope. I have increased range of motion and strength.  So many of my daily activities that I thought were no longer possible have been resumed.  I had been advised by an othopedic surgeon to forsake rototilling and chain sawing— now I can do both again.  Roselie educates clients in awareness so one can gauge situations and make informed choices about activities.  Of course, this adds significantly to a positive attitude about the future.  I feel like I’ve regained so much of my life!

    John Parent Father and Musician

How I Work:

In our first session:

♥I’ll start by asking you about your health history and what your current situation is like.  We’ll talk about your physical concerns and your primary goals for your sessions.

♥We’ll do some movement assessments to get a better idea of what’s going on in your body. 

♥Then we’ll switch to hands on work on the massage table.  This is usually done with the recipient undressed, though covered by the sheet and blanket with only the area currently being worked with uncovered. If leaving any or all articles of clothing on makes you feel safer or more comfortable then that is a good way to start.  You can always try it the other way in a future session once we’ve established trust. If you do want to work clothed then please wear soft clothes without a lot of seams or buttons.


The style of hands on work I do has been described by clients as gentle, intuitive, loving and detailed or precise.  I don’t really think of it as intuitive, I’m just paying attention to what’s there. I think of it as interactive and conversational (not verbally).  The bodymind readily takes part in the conversation, it just requires a receptive state, which I think of as “listening”.


The work itself is both superficial and deep in a physical sense of the words.  The superficial parts of our bodies are very important, being rich with nerve endings, and as the part of us that is in constant connection with everything outside of us.


I don’t believe in doing painful work (I mention it because I’ve heard of people having that experience).  It’s a terrible idea. The body is receptive to what feels good and is resistant to what feels bad.  It’s that simple. We won’t get anywhere by trying to work against the body.

If you’d like to know more about what it would look like to work together go Here.

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