Healing the Bodymind of Humanity

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I wonder if healing our own bodyminds could be seen as a microcosm of healing the bodymind of humanity?  


I suppose not everyone has the point of view that humanity needs healing, but there is something going on that is causing unquestioned dominant logic to continue to guide people.  And the direction seems to trend to the destructive, not only to everything that is not human, but even to humanity itself.


Would you join me on a huge mental leap?


I was reading this article on the importance of play for developing brain function, social connection and the ability to manage stress.  The article focused on children, but included a bit about how adults were positively affected from playing with children.


Which then made me think of another article about how the health benefits of exercise are enhanced by enjoying the activity, and diminished by disliking the activity.


It seems that play and enjoyment, and positive feelings in general maintained throughout our day and while we’re engaged in our various tasks, will make us physically healthier.  And that the benefits of living the fun and playful life are enhanced when we’re enjoying them in relationship with others.


If humanities dominant logic and unexamined assumptions are steering us toward destruction;  and if it’s nearly impossible to see when we’re falling into dominant logic and deeply ingrained assumptions, we’ll have to experiment in order to find new ways of being, doing and seeing the world.


If we choose to experiment with a spirit of playfulness, rather than dogged desperation and judgement of self and others–we’re bound to come up with something a whole lot more positive and wholesome. 🙂



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