Strength and Mobility for Life

Small Group Personal Training

Compassionate Strength Training for Women Who Want

to Change What They’re Capable of.


I specialize in helping people new to fitness training increase their functional abilities effectively and safely.  People who feel that they might be too out of shape for a fitness class, or who have bodies complicated by health conditions or old injuries will be able to work at the pace that’s challenging, but doable.  Those who consider themselves already fairly fit will also be challenged, since each exercise is customized to the individual.


With Small Group Personal Training you receive individual coaching, as do the other members of the group, and the exercises are customized to your ability level and with any modifications that you need.


The heart of effective exercise is that you start where you are and you get the right dose of challenge.  Anything else is too fluffy to create adaptation, or it’s an injury in progress.


Fitness training with a group of other women who are challenging their limits creates an environment that is mutually supportive, compassionate and relaxed.


Here’s what past participants have said about these small group training series:

I need this wonderful group of women to keep me going.


This group is amazing!  I can say without any hesitation that being part of this group is the primary reason that I have stuck with the program.  There is a sense of support and teamwork that I truly appreciate.

Unlimited Training

$260 / Month

I recommend Strength Training 2-3x/week.  Cardio, Mobility and Balance can be trained more frequently.

2x/Week Membership

$200 / Month

2, 50 minute sessions per week to build Strength, Endurance, Stability and Cardio-metabolic health.

Quarterly Punch Pass


13, 50 minute training sessions over a 3 month period.

Want to test the waters, or work strength training into your existing fitness plan?  Join us once a week, or more frequently if you’re able.

We all know there are lots of reasons to exercise and increase our fitness level.


  • Not dying sooner.
  • Reducing one’s risk of various forms of cancer.
  • Decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Having healthier blood pressure.
  • Reducing the risk of type II diabetes, regardless of weight status.
  • Improved mental health, particularly reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Improved brain function, especially memory and processing speed.

(This list is from the WHO guidelines for physical activity.)


But in addition to these not insignificant health benefits there is also gaining the ability to engage more often and more deeply with the activities that make life worth living:


  • Hiking
  • Gardening
  • The things we need to do, like clean the house.
  • Play pickle ball.
  • Walk the streets of Rome.
  • Go dancing.
  • Play with children.
  • Prune the fruit trees.


I want people to have a better time living in their body.  Being alive is an amazing experience, and it’s so much better when you like how your body feels; light, springy, confident, and able to move easily.

Small Group Class Schedule


Mondays – 9am

Wednesdays – 9am, 10am

Fridays – 9am

Class size is limited to 5 people.

This is a way to train for functional increases in your favorite activities in an environment that’s compassionate, fun and supportive.

I believe in vigorous challenge with a whole lot of compassion. 


These classes are based on the complex, functional activities of living.  Once you tell me the activities that you do or aspire to do, I’ll build elements of those activities into our exercise sessions.  But there are foundational activities that we all need to be able to do, such as:

  • Getting up from the ground.
  • Pulling
  • Pushing
  • Kneeling
  • Squatting
  • Overhead actions like pruning or lifting something onto a high shelf.
  • Stabilizing our torso while we perform all of these actions.
  • Going up and down stairs.
  • Carrying things


There’s a lot to know about building a solid fitness routine that will work for your body.  I’ll help you build some of this foundational knowledge over time, and I’ll take care of all the details behind the scenes.


Consistent training can change someone’s physical function, which can change their life.


Here are some of the articles I’ve written on the subject:

Why you should train in your 60s

Don’t Underestimate the Strength Needed for Ordinary Activities

Types of Training: Picking Effective Exercises

Once you’ve reserved your spot,

you can tell me a bit about yourself At This Link.


Hi, I’m Roselie

This class is informed by my 18 years as a massage therapist, specializing in relief from persistent pain through clinical rehabilitative massage.  I’ve been interested in exercise for some time and started pursuing my own training 3 years ago.  I received a Functional Aging Specialist certification from the Functional Aging Institute and have been honing my coaching skills with a handful of willing trainees.  The most important thing to me about both fitness and massage is that we continue to be able to do the activities that matter to us, and that we nurture a relationship of friendly cooperation and compassion with our body.

The way this works.

On the appointed days you’ll show up at my house a couple minutes before our start time.  We will start exactly at the appointed time and you’ll need a minute to get from your car to the shop where the class is held.  If you’re going to train with shoes on then you’ll need a minute to change your shoes.  I’m not particular about what sort of shoes you wear, but they need to be clean and not wet or it’ll make a mess.  In fact, I encourage you to train barefoot if you’re up for it.  Locking your feet in shoes keeps them from getting a workout, but I know that having shoes on is important to people for various reasons.


You’ll probably find it convenient to bring a water bottle.  There is a sink and a toilet adjacent to the class space.


We’ll start our warm up gradually, do the heavy work, then end with mobility exercises as we cool down.

You’ll learn how to get the work into the right place in your body, and you’ll probably see several progressions of the same fundamental exercise as I expect the group will not all be at the same ability level for each exercise.


As you get started there will be learning as well as work.  We’ll find the right starting place for you, and you’ll learn how to do various exercises, as well as learning about the process of challenging your body.  You’ll become better at challenging your body over time, and you’ll get to see your abilities increase.  The more you choose to share with me about your interests and priorities the more I can customize the class to your needs and aspirations.

Intake Forms

I need to know a few personal details about any health conditions you may have, and I’d like to get an early glimpse of your starting point and any specific movement limitations you experience.  The more you’re willing to share with me about yourself and your goals the better.

Here’s a link to the intake form:



The cost for ongoing membership is $200 per month for twice a week training, or $260 per month for unlimited training.  Make sure there are training times available that work for your schedule before you sign up. The billing cycle will be on the same date each month, with an automatic renewal until you cancel.  Canceling will stop the next billing cycle, but not refund the remainder of the current billing cycle.


The cost for the Punch Pass is $350 for 13 sessions.  These can be used once a week or on a less regular schedule.  The sessions need to be used within a 3 month period. Unused sessions will expire, so come in and train!  Don’t put it off.



With either Membership or a Punch Pass you can schedule your training for any available session each week using the online calendar:


  • You must schedule your session at least 8 hours in advance. 
  • You may reschedule your session up to 6 hours before the session begins.  
  • I will not cancel or retroactively cancel the session for you, except under extreme circumstances.  This means that if you do not cancel your session you will lose the session.  And if you waffle until the last minute and then decide not to come, you will also lose the session.  Think of it as an opportunity to be decisive both about showing up, and deciding not to.  It feels better to be decisive about not training than it does to give in at the last minute.
  • I will retroactively cancel appointments for you when winter driving conditions make the roads unsafe.


Every session is an appointment that you have made with me (and the group).  Treat it as you would other appointments.  Let me know via text (or email if you don’t text) if there are any last minute changes, regardless of whether you’ve updated the schedule or not.


Missed Classes

What constitutes a missed session?  If you are signed up for 2x/week and only come to 1 session that week that’s a missed session.  Given the flexibility of Punch Pass sessions there’s no definition for a missed class, you just need to use all 13 sessions before they expire at the end of 3 months.


If you train on a regular schedule and have to cancel one of your sessions you have the option to schedule for a time that is atypical for you, either that same week or at any point in the future that your membership is still active.  If your membership renews on the 12th, and you decide to cancel on the 20th, then you will have until the 12th of the following month to use up your remaining sessions.


In the future I hope to have more home workout templates available that can be used during vacations, or to help you add a home training day.  For now, if the option interests you ask me about it.


You may occasionally miss sessions that you’re unable to make up.  It happens.

In the end, it’s up to you to show up for your training sessions, regardless of the many other things that will try to pull you away.  I will support you in that the best that I can, while also maintaining the stability that I need in order to continue being of service.



If you cancel at the last minute due to unsafe driving conditions I will retroactively cancel the session for you so that you can still use it.  If this results in your not having enough time to use the session before it expires, I’ll extend the expiration date.  I will have to cancel class if I can’t get the driveway clear of snow by class time, otherwise I’ll never cancel since I live onsite.



You can pause your group training for 2 weeks or more.  Let me know and I will pause it.  That means that if your billing cycle is on July 7th and you pause for 2 weeks it will shift to the 21st.


You need to let me know at least a week ahead of time that you will be putting your training on pause and when you plan to resume.  It won’t work to miss a couple of sessions and then decide to pause retroactively.


For absences less than 2 weeks you can make up missed sessions with one of the other classes or ask about a home program.


Anytime I go on vacation I will change the date or your billing cycle to reflect my time away.  If I take the week off, I will add a week to the current date of your next billing cycle so that you’ll be billed one week later than you would otherwise be.



I’ll give you a full refund after your first class, after that there are no refunds.

If something comes up and you know you won’t make several classes, see Vacations above.  You may need to pause with no definite date for resuming, and that is okay under extenuating circumstances.


You can call or text me or use the form below.



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