Fitness Assessment

Find Your Weakness

Once you find it, you can do something about it.

Weakness can surprise us, showing up in places where we were sure we were strong.  But finding it can answer a lot of questions.  You can see clearly why a movement that didn’t seem like it should be so hard, or so uncomfortable, was causing you so much trouble.


If you’re feeling stuck with how to make improvements with your fitness, then consider getting crystal clear on where you’re weak and where you’re strong.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Fitness isn’t just about muscular strength, there are many domains of function.

This variety of physical domains also includes balance, mobility, stabilization, power, control and agility. 

Each activity you want to do and ability you want to have will include one or more of these domains, as well as strength in sometimes surprising body regions.


This Fitness Assessment is for the following kinds of situations:
  • You want to improve your fitness and you need some help getting started.
  • You have a particular question you’d like to get answered.
  • You have a particular body region, like a shoulder or a knee, that you need to baby, and you’re not sure of how to take care of that part of the body while getting the exercise you need.
  • You might already have a fitness routine and feel you’ve reached a plateau, but you want to keep improving.
  • Or you might be having some declines in endurance and strength and increasing aches and pains that you’d like to turn around.


This session is for helping you with all of those things.

I will help you understand more about training your particular body, how to enhance your existing routine, find a starting point for a brand new fitness routine, or get ideas on how to work with a difficult body area or movement limitation.


We’ll find the level of challenge that’s right for you, plus I’ll show you a couple more progressions you can work with once that becomes too easy.  


In order for your fitness efforts to be effective you need to get the right type of work into the right spot. You’ll get to feel for yourself what the right amount of challenge feels like.


The problem with a lot of attempts to improve one’s fitness is either not knowing what type of work is needed or not knowing what it feels like to get the work where it needs to go.  If the work lands someplace else and not in the part of the body where it’s needed then we won’t make progress and we risk injury.


When you know your starting point you can start to train in a way that will lead to increased mobility or endurance without risking injury.


I’ll also give you ideas of how to modify exercises in order to work with any unique limitations you might have.

Training the domain that you most need to improve will have the greatest impact on your overall ability and make your training relevant to your life activities.


The truth is that even when we feel like we’re fairly fit, we all still have areas that we never, or rarely, exercise.


You’ll leave this Fitness Assessment with:
  • A clear sense of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Knowledge of which areas of focus are most relevant to your goals and lifestyle.
  • Basic steps to take to start training your weak areas.

You can begin to see how training the weak body regions and movements will translate to improved ability for your activities, whether it’s hiking down a hill, or kneeling in the garden.


Each of us has things we want to be able to do.  With a plan we can target our areas of weakness and efficiently and effectively increase our function and quality of life.


This assessment by itself will give you a good overview for thinking about your fitness and what direction to go with it.  It won’t give you a program to follow to transform or help you become more consistent with your fitness practice.  For that we would need to do fitness training.


In order to get started click the Book Now button and schedule your session.  

I will send you a form to fill out ahead of time so that I know how to make the assessment process fit you specifically.  

What happens during a Fitness Assessment?


A Fitness Assessment takes about 90 minutes and is conducted in person at my home gym near Darrington.


You would arrive at the address provided dressed for exercise.  If it’s cold out you’ll want to wear a hat and sweater, but be able to remove a layer if you get overheated.  There’s a bathroom and sink adjacent to the gym space.  Bring a water bottle.


Your assessment will be guided by the information that you provide in your intake form.  There are countless possible exercises that a person can perform.  In order to choose we need to form both a picture of your current abilities, but also the needs of the activities that you want to perform, as well as the most likely causes of injury.


I can’t tell you specifics of the exercises that we will look at because if you, for example: have a slow and unsteady gait, that tells us something about your starting point.  Whereas if you have average fitness, and your daily activities include some moderate challenge, that tells us something else.


We’ll talk and I’ll fill in some of my questions about what you most need help with.  I’ll look at your muscular strength and range of motion in the major movement patterns: Hinge, Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull, Carry, Anti-rotation/stabilization.


We can test your cardio-respiratory endurance if that is a goal of yours.

We will also test balance and agility with more or less nuance depending on how important this is.


I don’t use gym machines.  All tests are done with bodyweight, dumbbells or elastic bands.


I also don’t do body composition testing which involves either skin fold measurements or hip and waist measurements.  These can be useful numbers to record to mark progress however.


I’ll record where you’re at and what is most important for you to work on, and I’ll give you 3 or 4 exercises to help you work on those things and show you how to do them.  These details will be written down and I’ll send the document to you after the assessment.

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