Massage for Friends and Couples

6 Lessons

About this course

It's a wonderful tool, to be able to offer comfort and relaxation in a time of stress.  But sometimes the execution of that wish falls short of what we and our partner were hoping for.  My own approach to having a positive effect on the bodymind has evolved over the years.  I'll share with you the ways we can approach touching another living being so that it really does convey the soothing effects we were hoping for.

In this hour long course we'll cover:

  • How to prepare yourself to make the best connection with the other person.
  • How to go from simply being in contact with the body, to offer profound connection.
  • How to use small movements to get a clearer sense of what is under our hands.
  • Relating to the tension you find in the body in a non-violent way and gently inviting in more ease.

You'll have access to text and video demonstration.  To practice, set up a time with your partner where you are free to fumble around and go slow.  Don't have any expectations of being able to accomplish a particular outcome when you're first learning.

You can use the audio to guide you after going through the lessons.

The Course Summary can be printed and used as a cheat sheet later on.

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Guided Shoulder Massage Audio

You can use this to follow along with as you give your loved one a massage.

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