Lesson Summary

Lesson 5

Massage for Friends and Couples


#1 Quieting the Noise

Find a comfortable position for yourself.

Take a gentle breath or two to arrive.

Let your body sink into being supported by the floor.

Put your attention on your heart.

Envision your hands as being big, soft paws or mittens.


#2 Making Contact

Lay your hands on your partner.

Soften your hands and envelope the tissue.

Silently ask permission, from your heart.

Feel the surface.

Move back and forth. Begin to feel the shape of what's under the surface.

Move in and out a little, and lean in from your feet.

No fingertips and no squeezing.


#3  Using Movement

Move your hands to different territory, including: the outside of the shoulder, the neck, the front of the shoulder, the neck shoulder junction.

Use different parts of your hands, including: the cupped palm, the finger pads, the thumb and side of first finger.

Envelop and gently wiggle tissue and ask for more movement.


#4  Expanding Ease

Focus on seeing and witnessing, without needing to fix or change anything.

Allow the body to see what ease looks like, show it the ease it already has.

Do this by: encouraging movement, dragging ease into stiffness.

Connect with your heart continually.


#5  Share Feedback

Gather your partners feedback and share that with me along with your own, so that I can make something wonderful that facilitates connection between people.

Thank you.

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