Expanding Ease

Lesson 4

You can continue to play with different hand shapes, and different areas of the shoulders.  As you do so let your body sink down, so that you feel your feet being in contact with the floor as a source of support for you, and as something to push against to help you stay in contact with tissues in the shoulder without effort.

Also, practice moving your awareness back and forth from the shoulders you're touching to your own heart and back again to the shoulders.  This helps you transmit love, witnessing and deep compassion to the living being inside the body in front of you.  It also helps keep your brain from jumping in and directing the show.

As you encounter areas of particular density, your partner might say things like, "Oh, that's the spot." or "That's tight.".  It can take the full focus of your attention to find the ease on both sides of the spot and then gently pull it this way and that.  By finding the ease and gently tugging it about, you're showing the tight spot what it could be like, if it wanted to.

You can also try reaching in to touch the middle of a spot like that (though I recommend engulfing and wiggling it first).  If you try reaching toward the densest part then please think about "dragging" the ease from the superficial layers into the deep dense spot.  This is a slow process and will require you to disengage a tad from time to time.  That moment of easing ever so slightly back helps the tissue feel like you aren't giving it the third degree, but rather, gently asking after it's well being.

If you keep in contact with your heart and let go of any need you might feel to fix or change things, then you'll be fine.

Good luck. 

I’d like to hear feedback from your partner on how that went for them.  Please share any and all feedback about that with me. I’d love to help make this kind of connection possible for all those who can touch each other.

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