Spring is Here!

Spring is here! Despite several ski trips this year, I still feel like I’m coming out of a long period of inactivity. I’m starting to spend more time out in my yard and garden. I’ve been [...]

An Impeccable Word

How can you keep doing the things you know are healthy for you? We might make new goals that stretch us, particularly at the beginning of the year. Or we have a habit we’ve been building for [...]

Can you love exercise?

A lot of people struggle to do exercise with any regularity … even though they know it’s good for them and they’ve noticed that they feel better afterward.  Maybe they see it as a boring waste of [...]

Stand, sit…or move?

If you prefer a taller workstation that allows you to stand up while you write or draw you would be in good company.  Leonardo da Vinci used one, as well as Albert Camus and Virginia Woolf, but [...]

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