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The body can be frustrating.  It can make us worry that we’re breaking or degenerating.  Aches and pains crop up as we go about our daily lives…and sometimes they don’t go away.  Sometimes they just keep getting louder and louder and distract us more and more from our activities and from connecting with the people we care about.

It can be very frustrating and depressing to be in a situation like that.


    • It could be an old injury that feels like it’s still giving you trouble.  
    • It can be knee pain that only happens when you’re hiking, or something that showed up in your shoulder that’s making it hard to do physical work.
    • It can just be leading a full life and accumulating stress from all the demands that are placed on you.

The fact that you have these aches and pains and unhealed injuries doesn’t mean that you’ve been doing a lousy job taking care of your body.  I would guess that you have done many things to care for yourself through the years.  You’ve likely seen a physical therapist or chiropractor.  You probably have some helpful exercises that you do some of the time (and wish you were more consistent with).


But since you’ve done these things and are still having pain you might have adopted the idea that you’re “just getting old” and that since aging is inevitable your choice is to either suffer or retire from vigorous activity.


And that’s just dead wrong.

What actually helps you thoroughly heal and live pain free is not only care for the stuff of the body, the pliability of tissues, the efficiency of joints and levers, but ALSO care for the spirit living within the body, the sensitive nervous system that may be creating chronic tension patterns or inhibiting movements.

  • I initially came to Roselie for massage as stress reduction. I have never used massage as a tool to heal body injuries. In our first session, we explored a shoulder injury I've had for over two years.  I never thought massage could help heal it, but after Roselie worked on it, it felt so much better than it ever has.
    After our first session, I didn't wake up with bad pain in my shoulder for a week!
    The pain and discomfort in my shoulder and back have lessened ever since I started getting massages from Roselie, and I have hope that I can now completely heal these two trouble areas in my body.
    I now refer all my friends to Roselie.  Her knowledge of body systems (physical, emotional and spiritual) are vast, and she has a true gift for finding the spots in the body that need to be healed.
    Corina Sahlin
    Corina Sahlin Marblemount Homestead
  • I strongly recommend working with Rosalie because the results are life changing. Her brilliant mind, encyclopedic knowledge of tissue and anatomy, and One Health philosophy combine to make a winning therapy. She encourages one to be a partner in treatment, and to learn more about our bodies.

    John Parent Father and Musician

If you have activities you want to do…outdoor activities, projects around the house, your garden, hikes to hike, fun with your family, chores and firewood to deal with, volunteer work…and you want to get to the point where you can do those things without aggravating all your “problem” spots…where you honestly look forward to doing all the activities you value and don’t feel like you need to approach them with hesitation, then you are in the right place.

One Health Massage The name One Health Massage comes from the idea that, not only is every part of the body-mind connected to every other part of the body-mind, but also that every thing is connected to every other thing. So, whether you enhance your own health or support someone else in enhancing their health, either way you're increasing the sum total of health on the planet...which is a good thing!

I’m Roselie, owner of One Health Massage and Licensed Massage Therapist (MA00019801) since 2004.

My private practice is located near Darrington, Washington.

I believe our activities are a source of joy, that pain and injury are normal things that we will heal from, and that the more health and vitality there is in the world, more self-expression will be the result, and that it’s the diversity of each person bringing out what they have to offer that supports the beauty in the world.

  • Roselie takes a careful history of each person’s activities and concerns, evaluates possible areas for work, then concentrates on the problem areas using pressure, friction massage, circulatory enhancing muscle work and other techniques. She then formulates a home program of exercises and stretches to work on having the problem improve after treatment. She takes notes to be able to recall problem areas even if the next visit is several months later. As a health care professional I find Roselie to be very competent in her massage skills and in her ability to create a safe calm peaceful space for your One Health Massage experience.

    Julie Komarow, MD Family Physician, Llama Lady

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