Can you do the activities that give you joy,

without recurring pain?

You have pains that keep showing up.  They may come and go. They may have been coming and going for weeks or for years.  Maybe you get some care and they go away and then they just come right back again.

You may also be struggling with being consistent in caring for yourself, perhaps because time and resources are needed to care for others in some way and even though you know that in order to care for others you need to be nourished yourself, when the rubber meets the road you might have a hard time living that idea, and it’s your own care that gets thrown out the window.

You could be feeling alone. Perhaps frustrated, and demoralized.  You’d like to have more support.

You have stuff you want to do…outdoor activities, projects around the house, your garden, hikes to hike, fun with your family, chores and firewood to deal with, volunteer work you want to do.  All kinds of good stuff you want to do…and that pain is making you not be present for or not feel like doing it.

If you have activities you want to do and you want to get to the point where you can do them without aggravating all your “problem” spots, where you honestly look forward to doing all the activities you value and don’t feel like you need to approach them with hesitation, then you are in the right place.

  • I initially came to Roselie for massage as stress reduction. I have never used massage as a tool to heal body injuries. In our first session, we explored a shoulder injury I've had for over two years.  I never thought massage could help heal it, but after Roselie worked on it, it felt so much better than it ever has.
    After our first session, I didn't wake up with bad pain in my shoulder any more for a week!
    The pain and discomfort in my shoulder and back have lessened ever since I started getting massages from Roselie, and I have hope that I can now completely heal these two trouble areas in my body.
    I now refer all my friends to Roselie.  Her knowledge of body systems (physical, emotional and spiritual) are vast, and she has a true gift for finding the spots in the body that need to be healed.
    Corina Sahlin
    Corina Sahlin Marblemount Homestead

You can enjoy activity without pain and you can do it consistently.

You know how sometimes people will be out gardening or backpacking or just working around their house and they’ll have some kind of pain or stiffness in their shoulder or knee or something…and it’ll either stop them from doing the stuff they want to do or they just won’t be able to enjoy doing it as much?  I help those people.


Roselie Rasmussen, L.M.P.

Hi I’m Roselie Rasmussen, owner of One Health Massage and Licensed Massage Therapist (MA00019801) since 2004.  I hold a nationally recognized advanced certificate in clinical rehabilitative massage.  I’ve helped dozens of people turn frustrating physical limitations into more optimal relationships with their bodies.

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The Clinical Rehabilitative Massage Specialty Certificate is the nation’s most comprehensive and rigorous advanced training program specifically designed to provide the skills essential for addressing pain and injury problems. Practitioners who have completed this 160 hour program have demonstrated a working knowledge of clinical anatomy, biomechanics, injury management, treatment planning and clinical reasoning.

Learn more about the CRM Program here.

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